Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Make Relationships Work


  • Love yourself to offer that space of loving you to somebody. Build up that trust in yourself to trust every other individual.  
  • It is not about ‘I', it is about ‘us'. Moreover, it is a succeeding relationship that measures the strength of our individuality.  
  • Accept your fault in a failed relationship and try to rectify them other than pointing at somebody else's mistakes.  
  • Avoid getting into relationships to create your path to success. If you love someone, love unconditionally.
  • Stop questioning the other person's love and believe in him/her.  
  • Let there be a proper flow of communication in a relationship. Listen to your partner to understand him/her.  
  • Respect the other person and give him/her the space to grow and build up thee intricacies of life or relationships.  
  • Do not shy out of making the first move. Take the effort of making the relationship work in your own hands other than waiting for the person to take the first approach.

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